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Immigration Law
Case Introduction
Case No. IE-100
Removal of Investment Conditional Resident Status
Brief Introduction

In order to become a lawful permanent resident, eligible investors must file USCIS Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions within 90 days before the second anniversary of an Alien Investor’s admission to the United States as a conditional resident. 
The petition must be accompanied by all required documentation and signed by the petitioner. The petitioner’s spouse and children should be included in the petition. The petitioner need not be in the U.S. at the time of filing, but must return to the U.S. with his/her spouse and children if necessary to comply with interview requirements. The condition is removed if, at the end of the period, the investor remains in full compliance with the law.

Things to Know

1. The commercial enterprise must have resulted in the creation of at least 10 full-time positions for qualifying workers.
2. The entire minimum required investment was made at the time of the initial investment.
3. Gross and net income have been generated annually by the commercial enterprise to show the investment was placed for the purpose of generating a return on the capital.
4. The alien entrepreneur has sustained his or her investment of the requisite capital during the two years of conditional permanent residence.

Filing Fee

1. The filing fee for form I-829 is $3,750.
2. The fee for biometric services is $85.
3. You may submit one check or money order for both the petition and biometric services, for a total of $2,930.
4. NOTE: Each conditional resident dependent, eligible to be included on the principle applicant’s Form I-829 and listed under part 3 or part 4 of Form I-829, is required to submit an additional biometric services fee of $80.
5. The fees must be submitted in the exact amount. It cannot be refunded. Do not mail cash.

Ask for Attorney Service
Service Details

1. Provide I-829 questionnaire and document checklist,
2. Review your company and personal qualifications and instruct you to properly prepare documents,
3. Confirm that the new enterprise and the investment have been sustained throughout the period of conditional permanent residence,
4. Prepare application Form I-829,
5. Prepare attorney cover letter and application letter,
6. Submit your application with USCIS and keep your file,
7. Keep correspondence with USCIS,
8. Provide guidance on interview techniques with USCIS,
9. Provide online access to your case status,
10. Assist client in response to Request of Evidence, if any.

Service Fee

This service fee is the basic reference price, which may be adjusted case by case.

Payment Methods
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • Credit Card
Free Consultation

Free Consultation will provide the clients with answers to general questions, for example, what is the priority date of EB-3 Free Consultation should NEITHER be regarded as legal advice nor analysis on certain cases NOR confirmation of attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice or analysis on your case, please choose the Attorney Consultation service.

Attorney Consultation

$300 per hour(charging by hours includes time consumed by reviewing relevant documents, starting charge from an hour).