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Immigration Law
Case Introduction
Case No. IF-070
Adjustment of Status (Family-Based)
Brief Introduction

Adjustment of status (AOS) refers to the procedure for becoming a lawful permanent resident without having to leave the United States. It should be distinguished from the traditional method of gaining permanent residence, which involves applying for an immigrant visa at a consular post abroad.
An immigrant visa must be immediately available to the alien at the time his or her application for adjustment is filed. Between the time the adjustment of status application is filed and it is approved, the applicant is considered to be in legal status as an "applicant to adjust status."
While Adjustment of Status application is being processed,many people also file for (or co-file with their AOS) an Employment Authorization Document and Advance Parole which allow them to work and travel out prior to their AOS application process being completed.

Things to Know

Aliens seeking adjustment of status under normal standards must satisfy the following standards:
1. Have been “admitted” or “paroled” into the United States (although certain individuals who admitted remain ineligible for adjustment);
2. Have maintained status during all periods of stay in the United States and must not have violated the terms of a nonimmigrant visa;
3. Must not have engaged in unlawful employment in the United States;
4. Eligible for immigration:
(1). Family member:You either have approved family based immigrant visa petition or filing it concurrently, whenever possible.
(2). Fiancé(e):You were admitted to the United States as the K-1 fiancè(e) of a United States citizen and you married that citizen within 90 days of your entry. If you were admitted as the K-2 child of such a fiancè(e), you may apply to adjust status based on your parent's adjustment.
5. Immigrant visa number is available;
6. Must be admissible, not subject to one of the grounds of inadmissibility.

Filing Fee

$1,070 (I-485 filing: $985 plus a biometrics fee: $85)
Applicants 80 years of age or older are not charged a biometric fee; the fee total is $930. Applicants under 14 years of age: - Filing with the I-485 application of at least one parent have a fee total of $600 - Not filing with the I-485 application of at least one parent have a fee total of $930

Ask for Attorney Service
Service Details

1.  Provide “Adjustment of Status for Family-Based” questionnaires
2.  Provide document checklist
3.  Review your personal qualifications
4.  Confirmation that the I-485 application or I-130/I-485 concurrent filing is appropriate for you
5.  Prepare I-485,I-864 and other forms
6.  Advise on how to prepare petitioner’s affidavit of support documents
7.  Compose application letter/cover letter of the case
8.  Submit your application with USCIS and keep your file
9.  Guide on how to take medical examination and biometric
10. Provide AOS interview instruction, including FAQ

Service Fee

This service fee is the basic reference price, which may be adjusted case by case.

Payment Methods
  • Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • Credit Card
Free Consultation

Free Consultation will provide the clients with answers to general questions, for example, what is the priority date of EB-3 Free Consultation should NEITHER be regarded as legal advice nor analysis on certain cases NOR confirmation of attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice or analysis on your case, please choose the Attorney Consultation service.

Attorney Consultation

$300 per hour(charging by hours includes time consumed by reviewing relevant documents, starting charge from an hour).