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Case Introduction
Case No. FD-030
Summary Divorce (CA only)
Brief Introduction

There is a quick, easy way to get divorced called "summary dissolution." There is no trail or hearing. Summary dissolution is a simple way to get a divorce. However, not every couple can use a summary dissolution to get a divorce. Before proceeding with a summary dissolution, you will need to determine if you are qualified. Also, to carry out a summary dissolution, you and your spouse must file a Joint Petition for Summary Dissolution together with the Court.

Things to Know

1. Community property is everything the couple own together. In most cases that includes:
1) Money you now have that either of you earned during the time you were living together as husband and wife, and 2) Anything either of you bought with the money earned during that period.
2. Separate property is everything a spouse owns separately. In most cases that includes:
1) Anything you owned before you got married;
2) Anything you earned or received after your separation; and
3) Anything either of you received, as a gift or by inheritance, at any time.
3. Community obligations are the debts a husband and wife owe together. In most cases that includes anything you still owe on any debts either of you took on during the time you were living together as husband and wife. (For instance, if you bought furniture on credit while you were married and living together, the unpaid balance is a part of your community obligations).
4. If after the waiting period, neither spouse had taken steps to complete the dissolution, either spouse continues to have the right to stop the proceeding.
5. An alien who became a lawful permanent resident on the basis of his/her marriage to a U.S. citizen or to a lawful permanent resident, obtaining dissolution within two years might face to your deportation.
6. There are three possible reasons for you to stop the summary dissolution:
1) You have decided to get back together with your spouse;
2) You want to change over to the regular dissolution as a better way of getting your divorce, or
3) The wife discovers she is pregnant.

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Attorney’s Service

1. Provide divorce questionnaire to clients
2. Review both parties’ qualifications, property, marital status, etc
3. Confirm summary dissolution is appropriate
4. Draft cover letters for dissolution proceeding
5. Prepare required court forms
6. Draft the marriage settlement agreement for clients
7. File documents with appropriate court through final Judgment
8. Keep correspondence with the court
9. Keep clients informed the divorce case status

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This service fee is the basic reference price, which may be adjusted case by case.

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