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Service Agreement
Before completing in the service application form, please read this disclaimer carefully. Please be aware that by clicking “Agree” at the bottom of this page shows you fully understand and agree with all terms in this disclaimer.
  1. The client to take the responsibility of accuracy and validity of the above mentioned information and documents.
  2. You fully understand all fees including the attorney consultation fee and attorney service fee on your case. Incidental expenses (US$100) include check processing fee, mailing fee and photocopy fee, etc. You admit that if your case does NOT go to the procedure for refund in ten days, the attorney-client relationship is established. Conditions for refund should be submitted to the related disclaimer on the website of Law Office of Jessie Ho or in the confirmation letter.
  3. Please promise to update Law Office of Jessie Ho with any of your thoughts, actions or events which may impact your case. These thoughts, actions or events include (but not limited to) making a move, marriage, divorce, remarriage, job-hopping, change of mailing address and any supplemental evidence. During case processing, you would work with Law Office of Jessie Ho to reach an agreement on how to handle your case.
  4. You should be aware of the sole jurisdiction and discretionary power of courts in each state on cases related to Family Law. Thus, Law Office of Jessie Ho is exonerated if your case is rejected, delayed or denied.
  5. When you get the final decision (namely approval notice, rejection notice or audit) from government agencies on your requirement, attorney service comes to the termination.
  6. On cases related to Family Law, Law Office of Jessie Ho mainly provides services within State of California.
  7. If attorney has to go to the court hearings, extra fee occurs.
  8. On cases related to Family Law in other States (other than California), though Law Office of Jessie Ho would have to cooperate with local attorney(s), only a single attorney fee would be charged.
  9. On divorce mediation cases, Law Office of Jessie Ho will NOT represent husband or wife. If mediation failed, Law Office of Jessie Ho should NOT be hired by husband or wife. Neither husband nor wife should require Law Office of Jessie Ho to appear in court as a witness. Neither husband nor wife should disclose the information of mediation to a third party.
  10. On cases related to Prenuptial Agreement:
    (1). If two attorneys are needed, Law Office of Jessie Ho may refer another attorney for the client’s spouse.
    (2). If the content of the prenuptial agreement would be complicated, for instance, the income of either party comes from other States (other than California) or other countries (other than United States), Law Office of Jessie Ho would seek legal advice from local attorney(s).
  11. On cases related to uncontested divorce, Law Office of Jessie Ho can only represent one party. The other party has to either represent himself/herself or get his/her own attorney. Upon reaching an agreement, legal documents will be drafted by one attorney and reviewed by the other attorney. If the opposing party does not have representation then it would be reviewed by himself or herself.
  12. If any dispute occurs between client and Law Office of Jessie Ho, Courts in State of California (county where Law Office of Jessie Ho is located) have sole jurisdiction on lawsuit of such dispute.