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Immigration Law
Category No. Case
EB-5 Investors
IE-090 EB-5 Investors
IE-100 Removal of Investment Conditional Resident Status
IE-010 PERM Labor Certification
IE-020 EB-1A Extraordinary Abilities
IE-030 EB-1B Outstanding Professors/Researchers
IE-040 EB-1C Multinational Executives and Managers
IE-050 EB-2 National Interest Waive (NIW)
IE-060 EB-2 Advanced Degree Professionals
IE-070 EB-2 Exceptional Abilities
IE-080 EB-3 Professional with Bachelor's Degree/ Skilled Workers
IE-110 Adjustment of Status (Employment-Based)
IE-120 NVC-Consulate Process (Employment-Based)
IF-010 Petition for Immediate Relatives (IR)
IF-020 Petition for Preference Relatives
IF-025 Same-sex Marriage Immigration
IF-030 K-1/K-2 Fiancé(e)
IF-040 K-3/K-4 Visa for Spouse/ Children of US Citizen
IF-050 Battered or Abused Spouse
IF-060 Widow/Widower of U.S. Citizen
IF-070 Adjustment of Status (Family-Based)
IF-080 NVC-Consulate Process (Family-Based)
IF-100 Substitute Sponsor
IF-110 Removal of Marriage Conditional Resident Status
IF-120 Changing/Adding Beneficiary
IF-130 Upgrade Immigrant Preference Categories
IF-140 I-824 Following to Join Benefits
Work Visa
IW-010 H-1B Professional Specialty Workers
IW-020 L-1 Intra-company Transferees
IW-030 E-1 Treaty Traders
IW-040 E-2 Treaty Investors
Visitor/Student Visa
IN-010 B-1 Business Visa
IN-020 B-2 Visitors for Pleasure
IN-030 F-1 Academic Students
Green Card Holder
IG-010 Replace Permanent Resident Card
IG-020 LPR Child Born Abroad
IG-030 I-131 Re-entry Permit
IC-010 N-400 Naturalization (3/5-year Residence)
IC-020 N-400 Expeditious Naturalization for USC Spouse Abroad
IC-030 N-400 Naturalization—Disability Exceptions
IC-040 N-470 Preserve Residence for Naturalization Purposes
IC-050 N-600 Application for Certificate of Citizenship
IC-060 N-600K Expedite Naturalization Children Residing Abroad
IC-070 U.S. Citizen Foreign-born Children-Acquisition of Citizenship at Birth
IC-080 N-565 Replacement of Naturalization/ Citizenship Document
IO-010 CSPA Application (Derivative Children)
IO-020 I-131 Advance Parole
IO-030 I-765 Work Permit
IO-040 AR-11 Change Address
IO-050 Postponement of Immigration Interview
IO-080 Replacement of I-94 Arrival-Departure Record
IO-090 Nonimmigrant Waiver of Inadmissibility
Family Law
Category No. Case
Pre/Postnuptial Agreement(CA only)
FP-010 Pre/Postnuptial Agreement (CA only)
Divorce(CA only)
FD-010 Dissolution Consultation and Analysis (CA only)
FD-040 Uncontested Divorce (CA only)
Will(CA only)
FW-010 Will Drafting (CA only)
Trust(CA only)
FT-010 Living Trust (CA only)
Name Change(CA only)
FN-010 Name Change (CA only)