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How to Amend Living Trust?
Browse: 2823       Date:03-23-2012     

Jessie Ho Law Office usually receives all sorts of questions ranging from immigration, marriage to working in the US. Therefore we select this question regarding living trust from a guest and the answer from Jessie Ho Law Office and post it here. Hope it might be useful to future readers as reference.


I would like to change the successor trustee of my living trust to my three sons and add some property to my living trust. Can you tell me how much will the cost be? I just want to add some brokerage accounts and bank accounts to the living trust, and change only the successor trustee for my living trust but not the surrogate medical decision maker. Can I just modify it myself and have a notary public to notarize it?


Jessie Ho Law Office Answer:
You can go to the financial institution to change the title of the account to your living trust. For any new accounts, you can open the account and hold the title as the trustee.

Please give me the exact language you wish to use regarding the successor trustee and I can prepare the amendment for you. Generally, $250 for amendment to the living trust. If you know exactly what you are doing, you can sure do it by yourself and go to my office to notarize it.