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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce Settlement Details
Browse: 2163       Date: 08-29-2012     

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce settlement has turned out just how many predicted it would, (considering the rapid pace that the relationship took a nose dive) with Katie Holmes walking away with very little.

TMZ reported on Friday that according to their sources that are familiar with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorce case have revealed that Katie Holmes gets nothing from Tom Cruise but child support. Tom Cruise had Katie Holmes sign a prenuptial agreement to protect his $250 million fortune before their marriage in 2006. When Katie decided she wanted to divorce Tom in June she claimed that she wanted nothing from Tom except custody of their daughter Suri.

The breakdown of their divorce settlement according to the site states that Katie Holmes get nothing for spousal support. What Katie does get is $400,000 a year for child support which breaks down to $33,333.33 a month, with the money being paid by electronic transfer into Katie's bank account every month.

The child support will continue until Suri is 18 years old for a total of $4.8 million when it is all said and done. Tom is also responsible for Sur's expenses, which includes medical, dental, insurance, education, college, and extracurricular costs. Tom and Katie are in agreement when it comes to Suri's education and agree she will not attend a "residential school," which means no boarding schools or Scientology.

The law in New York states that Katie Holmes could have gotten a lot more child support for Suri had she pushed for it, but Katie and Tom decided to settle privately and quickly.

The speedy and amicable settlement have led many who have been following the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to believe that Katie really did just want to get away from Tom. Tom wanted a quick, and quiet divorce without a trial to avoid a lot of mud slinging, and personal details being revealed about the former couple's time together, which has some wondering what he has to hide?
All in all $4.8 million dollars to support Suri seems like a lot more, especially when Tom is picking up the costs for Suri in every other aspect except living arrangements.

As previously reported Katie and Suri took a trip to Ohio this month to introduce Suri to some of Katie's family members that she had never met before. Since their trip to Ohio it has been reported that Katie is torn between living in New York, or returning to her hometown to raise Suri in a more traditional and low key environment. Time will tell where Katie Holmes and Suri will end up putting down their permanent roots, but for now Suri has started the school year in New York. Where do you think Katie Holmes should raise Suri, New York, or Ohio?