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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry Reach 'Amicable' Agreement
Browse: 2012       Date: 12-03-2012     

Halle Berry's bizarre custody saga has finally come to a close. For now.

A peaceful end, thankfully, as Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry have come to a mutual agreement. According to The Montreal Gazette, the dueling duo has reached an "amicable" arrangement regarding the custody of their daughter, 4-year-old Nahla.

The custody battle hinged on Halle Berry’s plans to move the couple’s daughter to Paris where Berry planned to live with her new boyfriend, Oliver Martinez. Aubry, who incidentally happens to be French (albeit a French Canadian), lives in the United States and as a result, wanted his daughter to be in the U.S. as well.

Many had speculated that Berry would ask for an extension of the temporary restraining order that she had taken out against Aubry, following a Thanksgiving brawl.

Aubry and Martinez had allegedly engaged in a fistfight when Aubry showed up at Berry’s Hollywood Hills home on November 22.

But as of Thursday, it appears that the restraining order was not extended. There are few, if any, details out about the settlement. Berry’s attorneys are only saying that parties reached an amicable settlement, writes The Toronto Star.

Berry had previously asked a judge for permission to move her daughter to Paris, citing the stronger French paparazzi laws and saying that France was a safer place for her to raise her daughter, writes People Magazine.

But judges tend to be weary of tearing kids away from a parent, especially when custody is split, as is the case with Berry and Aubry. The custody and child support battle has been going on for a while now. Earlier this year, a judge ordered Berry to pay Aubry $20,000 in child support.

Source: Find Law