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State Department Prediction of Visa Cut-Off Date Movement Beyond October 2013 Through 2014
Browse: 1874       Date: 09-10-2013     

FAMILY-sponsored: F-2A: This category F-2A is with new cut-off date at 09/08/2013, except Mexico, 09/01/2013.

EMPLOYMENT-based: India Second: This cut-off date has been advanced in an effort to fully utilize the numbers available under the overall Employment Second preference annual limit. It is expected that such movement will generate a significant amount of new India demand during the coming months.

These changes for the Family F-2A, and India Employment Second preference categories reflect actions which have been taken based on current applicant demand patterns. Readers should expect that some type of “corrective” action will be required at some point during FY-2014 in an effort to maintain number use within the applicable annual limits. Such action would involve the establishment and retrogression of such cut-off dates, and could occur at any time.

What it means:
More people will be able to apply for I-485/I-765/I-131 now. However, approval of their I-485 may take time because of the potential slow-down or backward movement of the visa numbers ahead, sometime in 2014.

Those with pending EB-485 may be adjudicated fairly quickly because in all likelihoods, their cases could have been pre-adjudicated. If they are served with RFEs, unless they can send in responses very quickly, they will potentially face a long wait for the visa number backward movement.

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Source: Oh Law