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Meet the Founder

Jessie's Story

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Jessie came to the US  as a student and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. As a first generation immigrant, Jessie understands the struggles and hardships of a new immigrant.

Before concentrating on immigration law, Jessie had worked in Family Law (divorce, prenuptial, and postnuptial, agreement), formation of different business entities, employment law concerning business practices such as hiring people, firing employees, and how a business entity must treat its employees.

Furthermore, Jessie has helped friends, relatives, and existing clients with drafting their Wills and Living Trusts. She has regularly taken classes with the goal of advancing her knowledge in Estate Planning and Taxation to the expert level.

The knowledge and experience in different areas of law have given Jessie the opportunity to provide clients with a deeper analysis of their situation and explore their options with a broader perspective.

Jessie's Approach

Listen with Empathy

Jessie believes listening with empathy is essential to serving clients.

Jessie first learned the importance of empathy while practicing family law, which is often a battleground with confrontations and emotions. Clients want most from their lawyers is to feel they care about them and their problems, which cannot be delivered by a lawyer without empathy.

Throughout her practice, Jessie makes her best effort to understand her client’s underlying needs and feelings and put things into further context by viewing things from their perspective. As a result, Jessie has built a solid and trusting relationship with her clients.

Think Outside the Box

Although lawyers need to follow systematic methods to approach a legal problem, Jessie believes that thinking outside the box is essential for lawyers to come up with creative solutions to client’s problems.

With the increasing number of Request for Evidence (RFE) issued by USCIS, it is highly unpredictable what will happen to our cases, especially the ones filed under premium processing. The evidence that gets our case approved before may get us a 20-page request for evidence. It has become increasingly important for immigration lawyers to try different approaches in order to get different results for the clients.

Jessie has always worked tirelessly with clients and explored new ideas for the type of evidence and the best way to present it for a successful outcome.



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What our clients say

I have known Jessie for over 20 years, first as an employee through my previous employer while getting the green card, then as an employer sponsoring my employees in the H1B and green card process.

Jessie not only does her job as our immigration attorney, but she also works patiently with our HR team offshore. Because of the time difference, she accommodates our schedules and completes the documents meticulously.

I am very thankful for her dedication and contributions to the steady growth of my company.

S. Kumar

Jessie is our “go-to” person with our family’s immigration cases. She has helped almost everybody in my family in the green card process. I first sponsored my mother after getting my citizenship. Then my brother and sister. Then their children. The story can go on and on. She always takes the time to meet with us, goes over our papers, and answers our questions.

I am impressed by the quality of her work and the fast turnaround.

L. Cheng